Book of Abstracts FASnet21

Shunya Adachi, Invariant Hermitian form of monodromy of spectral type (111,111,111).

Alexander Batkhin, Computation of homological equation for Hamiltonian normal

Bjorn Berntson, Intermediate Heisenberg ferromagnet equations.

Alexander Bruno, Generalized normal form of ODE systems.

Mattia Cafasso and Sofia Tarricone, The generating function for the higher order Airy point processes and a vector-valued Painleve II hierarchy.

Sandra Carillo, Soliton solutions of the matrix modified Korteweg-de Vries equation.

Sergio A. Carrillo, The Gevrey type in germs of analytic functions for formal solutions of higher order holomorphic PDEs.

Alfredo Deaño, Asymptotic behavior of special function solutions of Painlevé II.

Luis Giraldo González Ricardo, Strong Asymptotic of Orthogonal Polynomials with varying measures.

Carlos Hermoso, On structured matrices associated to Sobolev-type orthogonal polynomials and canonical perturbations of measures.

Sampei Hirose, Exact WKB analysis for a holonomic system satisfied by an oscillatory integral.

Javier Jiménez Garrido, Equality of ultradifferentiable classes by means of indices of mixed O-regular variation.

Juan F. Mañas-Mañas, Mehler-Heine asymptotics for some q-hypergeometric polynomials.

Sławomir Michalik, Summable solutions of the Goursat problem for some inhomogeneous PDEs.

Nobutaka Nakazono, Special solutions to the multiplicative type discrete KdV equation.

Hiroshi Ogawara, Differential transcendence of solutions for q-difference equation of Ramanujan function.

Toshio Oshima, Towards analysis of rigid Pfaffian systems.

Javier Alejandro Quintero Roba, Extremal polynomials with respect to Sobolev norms.

Reinaldo Rodríguez-Ramos y Víctor Yanes, Homogenization approach applied to micropolar elastic heterogeneous media.

Shinji Sasaki, An approach toward Borel summability of WKB solutions of higher-order linear ODEs.

Tsvetana Stoyanova, Unfolding of the monodromy at a resonant singular point.

Maria Suwińska, Summability of formal solutions for a family of linear moment integro-­differential equations.

Hidetoshi Tahara, Uniqueness of the solution of some nonlinear singular partial differential equations.

Kouichi Takemura, On q-Painlevé equation and q-Heun equation.

Mika Tanda, Parametric Stokes phenomena of the Gauss hypergeometric differential equation with a large parameter.

Shofu Uchida, Voros coefficients at the origin and at the infinity of the generalized
hypergeometric differential equations with a large parameter.

Masafumi Yoshino, Multiple movable singularity of some Hamiltonian system – application of Borel summability-

Changgui Zhang, On the powers of the power series $\sum_{n\ge 0}q^{n(n-1)/2}x^n$ ($|q|>1$).

Federico Zullo, The trigonometric Airy functions (homogeneous and inhomogeneous).